B. A. U. is happy to present a variety of courses taught, written and published by some of Oneness Pentecost’s foremost teachers. Lessons presented in this series are tried and tested through Biblical diligence and the proven ministries of the contributors.

Dr. Arnold was a world traveler. He spent many years traveling in Biblical lands, Europe and the Middle East. He gathered vital information for books and published such subjects such as: Creation, location of Eden, Church History, Counsel of Nicaea, Matthew 28:19 and other ideas of theological importance.

He was guest lecturer at theological seminaries and appeared on TV talk shows to discuss his writings. His books have sold worldwide.

Dr. Arnold started five churches and pastored for many years.

B. A. U. has written permission to use all of Dr. Arnold’s works as part of our curriculum. We count this as a great honor.

Dr. Willis is an outstanding researcher and serves as a board member. He has contributed several books and articles for studies in this series. His ability to research and develop the unexplained is unsurpassed.

He is a member of the prestigious Arkansas Archaeological Society and holds a degree in Biblical Archaeology.

He has authored three major works on ancient authentic Apostolic doctrine and preaches and lectures often to delegates and conferences.

Dr. Bates is president of B. A. U. and holds five Bible-related degrees. He is an author, editor, preacher, teacher, and is an experienced college-level Bible teacher and lecturer.

He has contributed many lessons to this series of studies. He continues to write, edit and generate material for the Bible education of students worldwide.

Dr. Kiner was a pastor, teacher, preacher and educator until his passing from this life in 2000 A.D. He is missed by all that knew him.

Dr. Kiner held many degrees during his ministry. Before passing to his reward, he received a Doctorate from the prestigious Trinity College of Indiana, graduating suma cum laudi. It is interesting to note that his doctorate was based on an impressive thesis “THE ONENESS OF GOD!” Doctor Kiner held the oneness doctrine of the godhead as the focal point of his ministry and salvation.

He earned a degree in engineering and helped develop a jet fighter plane for the U.S. armed services.

He was a teacher of teachers. His ministry took him to Camp Meetings and missions fields as far away as China. In China he preached in underground churches and baptized precious Chinese people in the name “Jesus” for remission of sins.

He was president of International University of Biblical Studies, Ohio Branch, for several years and served on the board of the parent I.U.B.S., in West Virginia as U.S.A. Director.

Dr. Kiner spoke five languages fluently. He traveled extensively in Europe, was present at the tearing down of the Berlin wall, where he was arrested by Communist Berlin police and later released.

It is an honor to include his writings in this series of studies. They are presented with written permission of his wife, Mrs. Hazel Kiner.

Rev. Muncia L. Walls is a renowned teacher with over thirty years experience in camp meeting and conference ministry. He has written several books on various theological subjects. He is in demand for camp meetings, conferences and various other special services.

Rev. Walls is Bishop over a fine church in Indiana and serves as National Foreign Missions Director for the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ.

His vast knowledge of scripture keeps his audiences in awe, and imparts to all the insights of a minister who has great insight to the Word of God.

He has graciously offered all his written works to use as courses in the curriculum of B.A.U. It is an honor to present them to you.

Rev. Lawrence is Class of ’63, Apostolic Bible Institute, St. Paul, MN with a Bachelor of Apostolic Studies.

He has started several home missions churches and is presently Pastor Emeritis in Gallipolis, OH. During the time of his ministry he has reached many souls in the West Virginia and Ohio fields of labor.

Rev. Lawrence is an astute businessman and often financed his church buildings with his own personal funds.

Creation has long been the specialty of Rev. Lawrence. He spent over twenty-five years compiling facts, figures and Biblical references in a study of the creation of earth. His work is presented in this curriculum and presents a unique quality and many outstanding truths gathered from everyday magazine and newspaper articles.

It is an honor to include Rev. Lawrence’s work in this series of studies.

She is a past president of the National Ladies Auxiliary Department of the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ and conference speaker extraordinaire. Sis. Pamer authored articles for the national publication "Apostolic Witness".

Sis. Pamer is a graduate of Akron State College, Akron, OH, Apostolic Bible Institute, St. Paul, MN, and is the wife of Pastor Rod Pamer of Apostolic Church of Barberton, Barberton, Ohio.

With three published books to her credit, she has become an important author concerning holiness. What she has written is dedicated to the women of the church of Jesus Christ. Permission has been graciously granted BAU to use her work in its studies. This is a great addition to BAU curriculum.

Dr. Koonce co-founded the Apostolic Authors Association and worked with it diligently for many years. He inspired and helped many aspiring authors to produce books which are now blessing the church.

His present burden is the Prisioner's Friend Ministries. This is a growing outreach to the imprisoned men and women who struggle through incarceration around the country.

The Chaplain Program of the ALJC is under his guiding hand and many are progressing in their fields of labor because of it.

Rev. Koonce has written many books which are used in the PFM and is contributing some of those works to the BAU student body for studies.

BAU counts it a privilege to offer the studies and insights of Rev. Koonce. They will have an impact on any student who studies them.


Rev. Martin is pastor of the Voice of Pentecost in Baton Rouge, LA, where he has served since 1991. He was elected General Superintendent of the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ and served in that office for six years.

He previously served the A.L.J.C. as Assistant General Superintendent and General Youth President (1987-2001). Pastor Martin is a frequent conference speaker and has traveled extensively throughout the U.S.A. and abroad preaching the Gospel.

A former teacher, Pastor Martin received his B.A. and M.A. degrees from Northeast Louisiana University (L.S.U. - MONROE).

He has graciously allowed B.A.U. to present his book "Etiquette For Lay Ministers" in lesson form. B.A.U. is honored by this timely gesture.